Unlocking the Power of Data Governance for Sustainable Success: A Roadmap to ESG and CSRD Excellence

11 april, 2024

Unlocking the Power of Data Governance for Sustainable Success: A Roadmap to ESG and CSRD Excellence - data governance,esg,data quality - Avega Group AB

Welcome to our exclusive seminar dedicated to Data Governance, Data Quality, and their vital role in driving Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives, while ensuring compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Join us for an immersive three-hour session where you’ll discover the indispensable link between Data Governance and your organization’s ESG objectives. Through insights and practical examples, we’ll unveil how leading companies like Coor are leveraging Data Governance to forge a path towards true sustainability.

Partnering with Quest, we’ll showcase cutting-edge erwin by Quest solutions designed to elevate your ESG strategy and streamline reporting processes. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to sustainability and data management. Secure your spot now and unlock the keys to sustainable success!


Welcome and introduction – Avega

The Value of Data Governance – why quality is essential – Jens Roslin, Avega

Harmonizing Sustainability: A Comprehensive Data Quality Solution for ESG Compliance – Richard Adams, Quest

Case: Being a Truly Sustainable Company is a Data Driven Journey – Anna Pierre and Märta Bonnevier, Coor


Demo: erwin Data Catalogue – a market leading solution for Data Governance – Richard Adams, Quest

Use Case: Implementation of a Data Catalogue to enable a Data as a Product Approach – Johan Holmgren, Avega

Questions & Wrap Up

Lunch is served at the venue at 12.15.


About the speakers

Jens Roslin, Senior Data & Analytics architect at Avega. Jens has built an expert competence in the field of Data Governance, Data Management and Analytics from working more than 25 years within the D&A ecosystem to realize value form data for a variety of client companies. Jens.roslin@avega.se

Richard Adams, Data Intelligence Solution Strategist at Quest Information Management. He has experience from a variety of companies in different industries, but always in data management or governance roles. This allows him to greatly empathize with customers and their challenges to ensure the products and features selected are relevant to their data governance journey. richard.adams@quest.com

Anna Pierre, Product Owner for Analytics at Coor. She has worked at Coor for over 20 years and has been developing Analytics capabilities for over 10 years. She is passionate about turning data into real business value and to use analytics to succeed with Coor´s business strategy and ambition to become a truly sustainable company. anna.pierre@coor.com  

Märtha Bonnevier, Sustainability controller at Coor. Based on her experience in finance and the energy sector, she has taken an interest in the engaging and sometimes polarizing sustainability issues. Preferably from an economic perspective where resource allocation and prioritization are in focus. This area requires credible data with relevant information with the potential to create real sustainable change. martha.bonnevier@coor.com 

Johan Holmgren, Senior Solution Architect, Analytics at Avega. Johan has more than two decades of expertise in Business Intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. His knowledge in information and data modeling is matched by his significant contributions to enhancing data catalogs, ensuring data is not only accessible but also meaningful. Johan.holmgren@avega.se