SAP Technical Architect Forum – a knowledge sharing event hosted by Avega

1-29 februari, 2024

SAP Technical Architect Forum – a knowledge sharing event hosted by Avega

The SAP tech world continually gets bigger and seemingly more complex. Gone are the days where we can survive by knowing one thing and knowing it well. Typically, even the strongest SAP Tech Architects and SAP Developers only really know a small part of the full SAP Tech picture, which is forever changing at a more rapid pace. The conclusion: we have a lot to learn from each other!

The goal of this forum will be to share knowledge through meetings with guided presentations and then through round table discussions, learning from our shared knowledge and learnings, we will raise all our tech to the next level.

Recurring quarterly event on different topics

We are committed to hosting this event on a quarterly basis, with the next session planned for January or February 2024. During our meetings, we will allocate time to decide on prospective topics and identify potential presenters for future events.

Please note that we welcome new topic suggestions and are also open to volunteers who would like to step forward as presenters. Your input is highly valued, and it enriches the diversity of knowledge shared in our forum.

Who Should Attend

Experienced SAP Technical Architects and Senior developers are encouraged to participate. Ideally, each participating company should send 1 to 2 representatives.

To bring with you

  • Any technical concerns and pain points you are experiencing in SAP Tech
  • Successful solutions you have employed to overcome challenging issues in SAP Tech


The forum is hosted by Avega in their Stockholm office, Grev Turegatan 11A in Sturegallerian.

Would you like to be invited to the next session?

Please register here!

Please note that the number of participants is limited to ensure good discussions.