Are you struggling with Agile? Presenting a perspective besides Scrum or SAFe to make agile work for teams and at scale: Amplio

15 november, 2022

Are you struggling with Agile? Presenting a perspective besides Scrum or SAFe to make agile work for teams and at scale: Amplio - - Avega Group AB

Amplio is an approach to help teams, companies, and parts of an organization increase their ability to create more value to their stakeholders in less time. Its based on the theories of Flow, Lean, and The Theory of Constraints. By integrating systems thinking with value stream analysis, Amplio provides visibility and a ready way to align for all roles.

While Amplio can provide a pre-defined quick start that many companies want, it is designed to be tailored to fit the organization adopting it. It does this using the Value Stream Impedance Scorecard, a derivative of Dr. Goldratt’s Inherent Simplicity approach to making decisions for improvement. This combination integrates an effective method of dealing with complexity, both within the organization and outside of it.

Amplio is organized as a set of patterns to use to meet 2-3 dozen objectives that have been shown necessary to achieve business agility. This pattern language provides several options for each objective. This enables teams to choose their way of working while having consistency across the organization. It also integrates coaching methods to help Amplio consultants convey what’s needed to the actual practitioners.

Amplio goes further in three other ways. First, it makes a distinction between how small teams can use MVPs to create new products and how larger groups of teams need to coordinate to extend existing products. It integrates how to deal with the risks of complexity both source internally and externally. It also incorporates dozens of virtual boards so that people can learn remotely as well as asynchronously.

This presentation will present an overview of Amplio as well as providing a few insights for you to take and use.


AL SHALLOWAY,  CEO of Success Engineering 

Al is the creator of the Amplio approach – a family of offerings from the team to the enterprise.

Al was at the PMI from 2019-21 as Director, Thought Leadership for Agile at Scale Programs where he created the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Workshop.

Al co-founded Lean-Kanban University (now Kanban University).

He was an SPC trainer, gold partner, and contributor to SAFe.

He continues to pioneer the use of virtual collaboration boards in instructor-led, incremental, remote training. He takes what works from different approaches and integrates them with first principles and pragmatic practices to create tailorable approaches for teams and organizations.

He holds Masters Degrees from MIT and Emory University and has co-written 5 books on both technical and business agility topics.